July 27, 2012

Layers of Lace

I have a box of antique lace gathered and carefully saved by my grandmother.  When she moved homes I became the recipient of the lovely collection.  Sometimes I will open it and look through the delicate pieces, but I haven't found quite what I want to do with all the beautiful lace.  I would like to incorporate a couple pieces into handmade clothing for E (and perhaps C too, you don't find a lot of lace on baby boys!)  But I'd like to incorporate it into some more lasting projects, and today I'm finding some inspiration...

Lace lanterns plus inky-blue paint = the mood has been set

These lace cards would make pretty invitations or thank-yous

Delicate colors invite you to sit and stay awhile

This vintage doily looks right at home on this mustard pillow

I like this idea of wrapping lace around terracotta pots, probably best for indoor plants!

A great idea for small scraps of lace - this adorable coin purse has been retro-updated

Such a cozy fort - with "stars" cast to the sky through that lovely crocheted lace throw

The lace detailing, the tomato red saturated color, I think I should bring this number home (as a tunic!)

Another great use for lace scraps - this pendent necklace is a beautiful statement
So what do you think I should do with all my lace?  For now, it all goes back in the box, and I will go back to dreaming...

Stay creative,

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  1. That tent is sigh-out-loud lovely. I just bought (too many) doilies on ebay to make a doily garland. I thought I was going to cut them in half and have sort of a scalloped half-circles, but they're so beautiful, I'm trying to figure out now how to hang them whole.


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