A is for Andrea, the artist (that's me!)

Hello - I'm so glad you're here!  With the launch of my new shop - Glad To Be Here - I've also decided to merge into a new blog.  You see, previously I was writing on Ella-Bean & Co, where I mainly focused on my kiddo and life at home.  With this blog, my focus is on anything that inspires me - color loves, painting inspirations, behind the scenes looks, home design, and more - I hope you enjoy all these visual goodies as much as I do!

So a bit more about my shop!  All my life I have drawn and painted.  Over time I've added sewing, paperwork, and other handicrafts to my list of creative things I regularly do.  When E and then C (my kiddos) came along, however, I found myself staring at the same 4 walls of their bedroom for hours each day as I rocked, sang, played, changed diapers...you get the picture!  Their room is decorated in color - gray walls with lots and lots of colorful accents.  I wanted to hang an alphabet as well, but couldn't find any that I connected with.  They ran the whole spectrum from too cutesie to too avante-garde, so I decided to create my own version, drawing from things I love!

Since starting the alphabet I've branched out into other decorative paintings and a cycling counting series.  I am adding new paintings nearly every week and enjoy the challenge of custom work as well.  You can also keep up with me on my Facebook Fan Page and Pinterest and, of course, in the shop!  See you there!!

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