July 30, 2012

behind the scenes: Is Bigger Better?

Last week I finally opened a box I should have opened much sooner - a box of 6x6 canvases.  You see, up to this point, all of my paintings have been done on 4x4 inch canvases - perfect to fill that little nook or corner needing a pop of color.  But I wanted to experiment with a bigger canvas, and I have to say, I'm really happy with this new size!

Look - I've put the smaller frame on top of one of my new ones - certainly a size difference 2 inches all around makes!  These bigger canvases still have the nice, deep sides that I love, and the backs are finished beautifully.

I got to work right away on several.  Instead of continuing my alphabet series literally, I've decided to do some of the images sans letter on the bigger canvases.  It is exciting seeing past images re-imagined into a larger size!

I have also been inspired to add some new paintings to the mix.  Hint: there will be French, there will be poetry, there will be a submarine.  It seems my happy problem of lots of ideas, not enough time to paint continues, a nice enough "problem" to have, if you ask me!

I can't wait to show you more in the coming weeks!

What have you been immersed in lately?

Stay creative,

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  1. A happy surprise...when the unexpected ends up being what you really wanted...


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