June 28, 2012

A big day

Today was a big day for me - actually it was the cumulation of many busy days - I applied for my first craft show (hooray!). It is days like this that makes what I do feel a bit more real. I started Glad To Be Here because I like to paint, to create, and I feel my style is different from others. I am happy my paintings are now in rooms across the country - adding a bright pop of color. This next step into the craft show world is an exciting one, for growing my little business means that I get to offer you more options! Get ready for prints and other fun surprises, all just around the corner (I swear). And if you think of it, cross your fingers for me - I'd love to start showing my work live and in person, so you can meet the woman behind the brushes and I can meet you!!

Stay creative,

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June 25, 2012

Light Summer Grays

Gray is my favorite neutral shade - it feels at once sophisticated and laid back, plays nicely with all other colors and can stand beautifully on its own.

A light way to beat the summer temperature swings (here)

A nautical nod (here)

Even the tag can be a gift (here)

Such a unique statement necklace - love! (here)

Light crocheted earrings add a touch of bohemian sophistication to any outfit! (here)

Stackable nature-inspired rings - oh so pretty!! (here)

What's your favorite neutral?

Stay creative,

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June 22, 2012

behind the scenes: Bits of Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration strikes unexpectedly, from the little things. I love to collect pretty little things - but with 2 curious little ones and a small space, I only keep what I truly love and what I can keep up high. Each has a story, and I find all of them inspiring thoughts of small, intimate, focused - feelings for my next paintings for sure.

These are all small glimpses of my living room. Look around, are you surrounded by things you love? I hope so...

Stay creative,

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June 15, 2012

behind the scenes: What To Do...

Sometimes I'm inspired to start a canvas without knowing what it will become. This is one of those times and now this blue canvas is looking at me and I'm not sure where to go from here. Originally it was going to be a new spin on the letter R, but it didn't seem right. I think it will become a variation on W...or perhaps it's the perfect backdrop for letter Y. So you see, we are having a staring contest, trying to see into the future (when I figure it out I'll show you, I promise!)

What would you like to see?
Stay creative,
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June 13, 2012

Poppy Talk

What's not to like about poppies (except, of course, how they put everyone to sleep in the Wizard of Oz!)  Anyhow, the color is fabulous - bright and vibrant and perfect for the beginning of summer.  I'm doing my best to brighten my wardrobe and some spots of poppy are just the ticket (in clothing, that is!)

 These pots are even prettier in person!!

A bit of color for any table or shelf

 Sweet donkey and even sweeter ring

 Combining a scalloped pattern and a poppy color - fabulous!!

So, are you doing anything bright this summer?

Stay creative,

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June 11, 2012

Shop Spotlight: perpetU Mobile

As a child, I remember making dream catchers in Girl Scouts - wrapping the string into a spiderweb pattern and decorating it with beads and baubles.  I don't remember what happened to all those dream catchers - I may have one tucked away for a future dream.  Perhaps it's the nostalgia of youth, or the inherent romance in her pieces, but Hungarian artist Zsofi Toth of the lovely shop perpetU Mobile creates dream catchers of, well, my dreams!  I could see her work at home in a living room window or over a child's bed.  I think a cluster of them would be simply stunning. 

love the tiers - this is my favorite!

skyblue dreams - rust and teal with a touch of black

magic colours - a dreamy color palette

olive green nights - reminds me of spring

exotic green - the golden touches make all the difference

old orange days - a quiet autumn harvest

summer sunshine - with a burst in the middle!

nightly sky - like the day's final bursts into evening darkness

Be sure to check out more of these dreamy pieces here.

Stay creative,

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June 8, 2012

behind the scenes: Lucky #13

It was 13 and then I did a recount and the number was 14.  Fourteen!  That's how many paintings I have in progress right now - yowzers!  Six are custom pieces that already have homes they will be settling into soon.  The rest are for the shop - most replace recent sales, but I do have 4 new pieces that I'm excited about (hint: you can see one right there in the top picture, do you see it?)!

So if you ever wonder what I'm up to, it's probably painting (actually, it's probably parenting, the painting happens in the quiet moments!)

Stay creative (and have a lovely weekend)!!

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June 6, 2012

neon: a GO or a NO?

a new twist on classic milk glass (here)

As you may already know, I'm drawn to bright, bold, saturated colors.  I'm often inspired by nature and pattern.  This year, one hot trend is neon...and I'm just not sure how I feel about that!  On one hand I love it - the eye catching yellows, pinks, blues and greens are being used unexpectedly.

not the paper mache of your youth! (here)

little houses with big colors (here)

Vintage doily with a neon touch of paint! (here)

I love that these loud colors can be inserted into quiet places, like a salad bowl or piece of driftwood, and transform the feel of these natural pieces instantly.

ho-hum bowls go bold! (here)

driftwood done up (here) and (here)

And touches of neon on jewelry adds a fun pop to otherwise neutral outfits.

this pretty piece would brighten the greyest outfit! (here)

would you wear all 4 at once? (here)

reminds me of a bright watermelon!! (here)

On the other hand, I cannot help but remember my own pair of neon multi-colored stirrup pants that I rocked in the 80s.  I'm not sure if neon has a place in my already-bright paintings, but that won't necessarily stop me from trying out a bit of neon in my home.

Balloon scarf destined to be a wall hanging in my house! (here)

Want more neon?  Look here: one. two. three. four. five.

So what do you think about neon - is it a go or a no?

Stay creative,

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June 5, 2012

Shop Spotlight: Euro Vintage

Euro Vintage is a shop with a straightforward name and equally simple, but beautiful items.  Their vintage pieces are East European and Russian and, well, I could probably buy half the shop!  Take a look at these fun finds...

candy apple red alarm clock (color love!!)

a radio to go (to the beach?)

space age 70s alarm clock (fun!)

enamelware has a special spot in my heart (tea love!)

a favorite combo - functional and beautiful (new sewing box?)

sure to brighten your office (time to work!)

those bells will make sure you AND your neighbors wake up on time (ring-a-ling!!)

our 50s globe (where's Waldo now?!)

Russian camera from the 60s (vintage shots for sure!)

time for your memoirs? (writing will be fun)

black bakelite phone (a simple phone)

Yes, I could certainly see many of these in my house - that sewing box in my studio, the shiny red alarm clock by the bed - yes please!  What could you see in your house?

Stay creative,

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