November 18, 2010

(Eep!) they're coming...

The holidays...are right around the corner.  They sort of snuck up on me this year - what with a little munchkin running around and turning one, I could barely think past the beginning of November!  But now we're here.  Thanksgiving is staring me in the face and right after that, Christmas!!  I've got shopping to do, pies to bake, and traveling to, well, travel.  But what will I do right this moment?  I'll tell you:

I will...

Though at some point, I'll probably...

Heck, I'll certainly...

And most definitely...

And if I really get crazy, I bet I'll...
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November 16, 2010

*Before & After* Painted Step-stool

Last week was the last of our "nice" days (as in warm days).  One afternoon I decided to throw open the windows and redo a step-stool.

(Before - ick!)
Here's the step-stool before.  I picked it up in the "returned items" section of Ikea two years ago, and it has been spending most of the time since then outside as a plant stand.  Now it's stained, dirty, and just generally yuck.

(After - yay!!)
After giving it a cleaning and light sanding, I whipped out some blue and yellow paint samples and a can of olive green returned paint (as in, the original recipient didn't feel it was quite the right shade). 

The green paint is an indoor/outdoor paint, so that was the first all-over layer.  I then painted the steps blue and edged them in a creamy-yellow. 

For a whimsical touch, I stamped the alphabet on the front of the steps and a few letters on top.

All in all, I'm really happy with how it turned out.  It's a bright touch in our kitchen, and best of all, E is now able to see what all the fuss is about during dinner prep!
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