September 20, 2010

Renegade Rewind!!! (part 3)

There were so many great artists at Renegade that I couldn't fit them all into one OR two posts, so here's a third with a few more fabulous loves!!!

They have the most fabulous fabrics!  At the fair, they also sported fun reversible bags with really interesting pockets, think circles - (note to self: when you find something awesome, don't let go!)


Their tag-line is, "Dress smart. Learn British fast." Once you stop giggling, check out their adorable goods!!


These hoops made me smile...a lot!  A perfect addition to any mid-century modern home (or any home, for that matter)!!!


I have one of their necklaces (thanks to my super-duper husband!) and wear it all the time.  I love love the new work that I saw this year! 

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September 18, 2010

Renegade Rewind!! (part 2)

Here are more of the great artists I visited with at the Renegade Craft Fair!

I love the idea of embroidered canvases, I think they would look lovely in a child's room!


Both of my sisters have clutches by Felix & Jayne - they are like carrying fun pieces of art - I may need one too!!


I have always liked hats (unfortunately this led to several "Blossom" moments when I was younger).  These hats are both stylish and functional - love love!!!


I have eyed her work for a couple of years now, thinking of who I could gift it to.  I don't think I could personally eat off of cockroach plates, but perhaps a Christmas present for my brother?! (hee hee)

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September 16, 2010

Renegade Rewind! (Part 1)

Last weekend I went to my favorite fair of the year - The Renegade Craft Fair!!!  The highlight for me was meeting Elsie, I read her blog (A Beautiful Mess) pretty much every day - it's very inspirational, fun and creative - so I was super excited to meet her.  So excited, in fact, that I pretty much couldn't keep it together.  Essentially I saw her, rushed over and babbled like a moron, didn't stop to look at any of her cute goods (or breathe, for that matter) and then ran away.  Yeah, embarrassing.  She even gave me a self-titled CD of her fiance's music, Jeremy Larson (and it's great!!!)  Ah well, hopefully she'll be back next year and maybe I'll be a bit more calm!!

Renegade is just so fun, but I know not everyone gets to go (not living in Chicago and all), so here is a rewind of some of the great artists I got to meet along with their fabulous work.

Red Velvet Art (this is Elsie's shop)
She used to have the cutest print entitled, "Autumn Ella" and I wish wish wish I had purchased it when it was available - drat!


Maric Fine Goods
She had the most beautiful orange wool bag at Renegade that I am just kicking myself for not getting!!!

Red wool beauty...*sigh*


This is a beautiful collaboration mixing color and print - they have beautiful tea towels and aprons, but I was especially smitten with the bibs! love love!!


 Graphic acorns...

 Mighty oak leaves...


Sofia Masri 
This artist creates handmade porcelain jewelry that is nothing short of stunning!!!

Star bright, star light

 Vintage print, vibrant color

Blue beauty
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September 10, 2010

Stay warm

It's finally happened, the weather has slipped beneath the 80s and I'm afraid it's not going to return until next year.  We are back to that wonderful and awful transition part of the year (just like spring) where we are too cold or too hot, the layers getting put on and peeled off seemingly non-stop.  It got me thinking of things that make me feel warm, some literally, some a bit more figuratively (as in warm and fuzzy? Oh so cliche!)  Perhaps you'll feel the warmth as well...

This chunky neck-warmer is beautiful and less bulky than a scarf (love love!)

OK, they are not my size, but these vintage leather stacked pumps are divine!!

I would like to stay awhile here...

These terrariums remind me of days gone by, quietly lovely.

The softness of the color pallet, the toughness of the metal, this is a wear-anywhere necklace!

If I'm cozy, my phone should be cozy too, right?!

I would like to take a trip, just to carry this fantabulous suitcase - love love love!!!

I love the colors and general feeling of this gorgeous print - certainly a winner (ha ha!)
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