April 11, 2011

Houndstooth? I do!

Houndstooth - it's a pattern that's been around for awhile, but has some serious staying power either blown up SUPER big and mod or really small as an unobtrusive background pattern.  On a recent trip to New Hampshire I picked up a great black and white 60s houndstooth swing coat - I have big plans to shorten it up a bit and add some buttons (and I haven't taken a picture yet...I know I know...soon, I promise!)  Here are a few other neat uses of houndstooth I'm liking lately!!

This plush dino is cute enough to play with, stylish enough to be left out of the toy box!

 I love love love the touch of red in this child's tie, so very fun and fashionable

This 60s dress is just too much in the very best of ways - if only it was in my size!!!

 Cool vintage bags like this 1. are super fun to look at 2. hold a TON of stuff and 3. make for good conversation pieces when stopped by the TSA tipped off by who-knows-what baby stuff you (me) may or may not be carrying ;)

I don't own a flask, but if I did, this one would be pretty neat!!!

Mad Men meets Office Space (and really, this mug just makes me smile!)
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March 27, 2011

Pretty Vintage Pieces...

Here's what I like about vintage pieces - they tend to be high quality and well made, and for little girls, come in colors other than pink!!

 Sometimes a bit of pink is OK, especially when paired with spring green leggings!

Speaking of green, this lovely mint green cardigan adds both warmth and color.

Lovely shades of purple and blue in a pretty-but-not-precious smocked dress.

 Oh this little puffer vest is just divine - I especially love the pockets!!

 This sweater vest is great for both boys and girls - such a neat mix of colors :)

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March 23, 2011

(Happily) seeing red

Red has always been my very favorite color - there is even a picture of me as a toddler dressed head-to-toe in red with a red balloon - I admit, it's pretty cute (and probably why I was so very happy when E got her own pair of little red shoes!)  Here are a few other bits of red that also make me smile!!

Red pomegranate seeds (Pomegranate Jewel) / red /  white / - IMG_8752 

Tomatoes..for sale... 


bright red 

Seams of White Among Red 



O o o o O 

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March 20, 2011

First day of spring - DIY Roundup!!

Spring is officially here - hooray!  I have already spent a few days with the heat off and our windows open.  Since spring is here, I thought I'd share some fun spring-y projects that I'd like to take on...maybe even before summer (ha!)

 These lace earrings are beautiful and deceptively easy to make!  Oh how I wish I could wear big earrings (not with a toddler!!)

 This ruffle number can be worn as a dress, short skirt, or maxi - AND you can make it yourself with just one piece of fabric and some elastic!!

 I made so many friendship bracelets when I was younger, but never thought of making them as necklaces.  This is such a fun idea, and I think it can even be carried off at an adult age (right?!)

 OK, so this isn't a tutorial, but a really sweet idea!  I have so many buttons and didn't know what to do with them until now!!

 Again, not really a tutorial, but a fabulous idea.  The best part?  If you don't like stitching, just head over to Letter Perfect Designs and get any one you'd like :)

 Oh Martha, what great ideas you come up with!!  It's a baking tray, it's a serving tray...and it's chevron striped to boot!

 I'm always looking for ways to spruce up our deck without spending any money - I love the look of these yarn wrapped votives and may have to make a few!!

P.S.  Creative minds come together over at Pinterest, where I initially came across these fun DIYs!!
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March 14, 2011

How to be sick in style!

According to my latest research, it is still cold season!  Being sick is the pits - you feel bad, you look bad...or do you?  Here are a few steps that will help you feel less crummy and pretty things to help you out, too!  (note: many of these things can be used when not sick as well, which is what I suggest because, well, as I said before, being sick is the pits!!)

 Step 1: Grab a fun, big mug.  Fill with a bit of lemon juice, honey and hot water - yum!

Step 2: Make sure your tissues are close by (bonus if the box makes you smile!)

Step 3: Cozy into a warm blanket.  I love Pendletons - a wonderful combination of weight, warmth and style!!

 Step 4: Don't forget your toes - slippers are a must (fun colored moccasin optional!)

Step 5: Curl up with a good book or three!  I am a more recent convert to Agatha Christie - some books take a little bit to get into, but it's worth the wait!!
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March 10, 2011


It happened yesterday while on a run, I looked down and saw them pushing up...crocuses!  A sure sign of spring, I started looking a bit closer - new branches coming out, buds appearing and temperatures in the 40s - there is light at the end of the tunnel!  These fun realizations (that spring really is right around the corner) inspired me to put together this fun spring outfit inspired by the amazing Orla Kiely transistor radio - SO FUN!!!  I don't actually wear heels, except on special occasions, they do not lend themselves to toddler chasing very well, so I'd probably pair this outfit with gold(ish) flats instead.  Yes, yes, flats, music, layers, I'm ready for spring!  What will you be wearing?

(love the look? get the details here)
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February 27, 2011

Baby Making

Or I should say, making for baby (but I got your attention, didn't I?!)  Last week I finished another dress for E.  It was exciting seeing it come together and has inspired me to try to make a sweatshirt for her next (we shall see how that goes!)  Honestly, though, it's never hard for me to find things I'd like to make.  I have a constantly-growing bookmark folder dedicated to potential projects!  Here are a few that are currently at the top of my list:

To wear...
This adorable sun suit has a full (and free) tutorial over at Made By Rae - E had one last summer and looked SO adorable I think she needs one for this coming summer as well!!

This may be cheating, but this is the wonderful reversible-dress that I completed last week!  You can get the pattern, which comes in several sizes, from Owly Baby - here

Here is my next project - this little sweatshirt from Heidi & Finn is just too much (in the best of ways!)  I have the pattern, now I just have to find the perfect fabrics!!  It kind of makes me want to size it up...a lot...as in make myself one!!!

This pretty blue cowl looks toasty - even better, the free pattern on Whip Up is easy enough for a novice knitter like me to understand (and even create!!)  The perfect addition for transitional (read: yucky) weather!

To play...
 It is a fact of life that if my computer is accessible in any way, E will find a way to bang on it.  I think it's time she got her own computer - this fun felt laptop, by Kiki Creates, could take the banging without a permanent system crash - score!

I have been planning on/meaning to/forgetting to make bean bags for E for awhile now.  The mix of fun prints, colors and numbers on these are perfect, and the tutorial by Chez Beeper Bebe very doable!

It looks like an awesome homemade playmate for cars, it's also a sleek messenger bag!  E loves cars, even though she hasn't fully grasped the concept that they only drive on roads.  Regardless, I think this messenger-bag-turned-car-town is the perfect on-the-go toy!  Bonus: if you have any car or city themed fabric scraps lying around, they can finally be put to good use!  Check out Gingercake's tutorial to make one for a little one near you!

To carry...
My favorite part about this pencil case (besides the fact that it's from the adorably named Fizz Pop Bang Blog) is that it arose from a mistake - a woolen sweater that was put in the dryer and felted.  I mean really, it has a kangaroo pocket, it just doesn't get much more whimsical than that!
Really, piece a bunch of pretty fabrics and you've got me hook, line and sinker - I don't care what it is, I just want to make it!  The great part about this crayon roll-up tutorial on BurdaStyle is that it's something that would be super useful too - I have only been able to find triangle toddler crayons and getting them back in the box is a pain, this roll-up would solve that dillema and make it much easier to take said crayons on the go!!

Another great project from Made By Rae (seriously, her blog is FULL of great projects, a girl could get lost over there in the very best of ways!!)  This toddler backpack is a great use of fabulous fabric AND fully functional, plus the adjustable straps means it can grow along with your little beansprout!!

So are you now inspired to take on a few more projects of your own, what with all our free time (ha!)  What are your favorite kid-centered projects or tutorials?

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February 24, 2011

Have a Seat

Today I rested in our big brown chair - I should note, our living room is made up of our couch and our brown chair, which actually fits two people (people who should know each other and be comfortable cuddling!)  Our couch was one of the first things we got as a couple when we lived in our tiny one-bedroom apartment many moons ago.  Since it was our only seating for years and years, it's been well loved.  I feel like we have turned a corner in our lives, though, because now the couch seems to belong to the dog and the kiddo (the dog sleeps, the kiddo bounces).  Not to worry, we are not getting rid of it anytime soon - we are confident we can reclaim it at some point down the road - but this did give me the opportunity to do some "window shopping" (online, of course!)  Here are a few seats that I'm currently loving (notice none of them are couches - heh!)...

Here are some lovely Eames chairs - are they seating or are they art?  Someday I hope we have one too...

Psst...I also shared these photos on Pinterest, in case you're interested!!
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