July 2, 2012

Here come the critter (paintings) and other Exciting News

Recently I had the opportunity to create five new paintings for an adorable critter-inspired nursery.  The letters turned out so nice that I'll be bringing some of the images into the shop as well!

This mouse paintings went through many incarnations before settling into this image and color scheme - I think it was well worth the work, though, as this painting makes me smile each time I see it!

 S is a fun letter that lends itself to so many critter and non-critter images - this bright orange squirrel with his tail wrapping around the side is case-in-point.

 I do so love loons - we grew up listening to their dusk and dawn songs as they swam in the lake near my childhood home.  I have plans for more loon paintings to come soon, including some larger canvases (how exciting!)

This is not the first edition of the E is for Elk painting, but after seeing elk in the wild on a recent vacation, I can't resist adding this to my mix of paintings.

Keep your eyes peeled for some of these paintings to join the shop this week.

Psst - in other exciting news I will soon be offering prints of current originals as well as of paintings no longer available in the shop!  It's been many months in the making and I want to make sure they are more-than-perfect before the prints make their grand debut.

What exciting things have you been working on?

Stay creative,

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