May 30, 2012

Kitchen Inspirations...

My E.

In my house growing up our kitchen seemed big - now that I am grown I know that it was a modest size, which is why it seems my poor mom was always shoeing us out (that and our propensity for snacking on whatever she was cooking).  In my imaginary house, I dream of a kitchen that acts as the heart and hearth of the home - a gathering spot, warm and welcoming. 

I am drawn to the light brightness of white kitchens with natural woods mixed in (a departure from my younger self that was enamored with cherry wood cabinetry).  

Love the white cabinets, beautiful open wood shelves, and apron sink! (source)

The pretty sink, the aqua paint, the subway tile and open shelves...can you sense a theme?? (source)

Nearly perfect - though I would prefer a gas range that is not situated on the island.  Love the butcher block tops! (source)

The glass shelves with plants are perfect - I would have a year-round indoor herb garden. (source)

More and more I am becoming a fan of interesting but neutral(ish) backgrounds with bold pops of color.  I'm drawn to whites, greys and shades of teal/aqua for paint colors.  I like accents that can change with the seasons or my tastes.  Vintage pieces are great not only for their uniqueness, but often are well crafted and are more economical AND ecological than buying new.  Also, I *heart* enamelware...but that is for another post!

I love the pops of red and big beautiful sink!  Such a bold color palette. (source)

All the color and vintage glassware, pretty much a dream come true! (source)

I am on the lookout for these...seriously. (source)

I like the mix of classic and modern styling with a touch of vintage - especially the new wave of ovens and refrigerators that combine retro styling with modern functionality!

Love this slender and colorful fridge - the hard part would be picking what color. Aqua? Cream? (source)

These are the touches that can change the whole look of the room. (source)

 You can see more of my kitchen inspirations here.

What do you dream about for your kitchen?  Please share - I'm always looking for more inspiration!!

Stay creative,

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