May 25, 2012

Bunting paintings (and a donkey)

It sounds vaguely like a crude joke, but really, bunting paintings and a donkey describe the new things you will see in the shop!  I got this little donkey before E was born, though I think I've always liked it more than she has.  One day while taking shop pics, I decided to have donkey lend me a hand - since his arms are so bendy, he was really fun to pose!  I think he may show up with more of my paintings.

The bunting paintings were something I have wanted to make for awhile.  Very pretty on their own, I also think they would look great flanking other paintings (oh so versatile!)  Plus they are a fun way to play with a range of tones and color.

I hope you like them too!!

Oh my, so cute!

Stay creative,

P.S. I've had many people ask where I got this cute guy (his name is Charley).  He's no longer available at the shop I purchased him from, since it was a couple years ago, but I did track him down HERE for you.  You're welcome!

P.P.S. Today is the last day to Enter in the Giveaway - what fun!!

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