April 30, 2012

My Imaginary Home Tour (start here)

We live in a city, in a small, beautiful condo.  It gets great light, especially in the afternoon.  We are on a tree-lined residential street, a couple short blocks from the local grocery store, parks, river, and "the square" where there is always something fun going on.  Before kiddos I took the train to my down-town job, we ate at fancy restaurants, we always said we wanted to go to the museum.  Now with 2 kids we do go to more museums, but no more fancy restaurants, and I rarely go down town.  And once your two-year-old starts being able to reference Starbucks, wants to swim in the pool and worries her actions are "too loud for the neighbors," well, the rural-raised child in me says it's time to move!  And move we will...eventually.  We have dreams of heading East, a part of the country I haven't lived in for 13 years, and I'm ready to head back. 

And when we get there, I have an imaginary house in mind, or at least, ideas of what I hope our house will look like (someday!)  So join me on my imaginary home tour - who knows, perhaps someday you will see it come to fruition!! 

From this...

To this?

Stay creative,


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