April 23, 2012

Beautifully Industrial

Sometimes the most beautiful things are also the most functional.  I think Charles and Ray Eames got it right when they focused on making furniture that went beyond the functional to the beautiful, without being overly ornate.  The beauty wasn't in filigrees or other intricacies, the beauty of their work is within the body of the piece on a whole - so the beauty isn't in a hand-turned chair rail, but rather in the curves and overall shape of the chair.  They brought beauty to the masses.  In our modern-day lives there is always the pull between the ugly-but-practical and beautiful-but-impractical.  I'd like to argue, however, that we can still find beauty in well-made, practical pieces.  Sometimes that means seeking out smaller shops, sometimes it means searching for vintage wares that have stood the test of time, and sometimes it's sitting quietly on a shelf at a big box store - you just have to keep your eyes open!

This nomadic pack is amazing - waxed canvas, a hammock and a detachable lap-top bag - it brings a whole new feeling to "roughing it" and I'd really like for it to find a way to my home!

A nice example of simple, industrial beauty.  Aged wood crates up-cycled with poppy bright casters.  If you are handy you could easily make these at home.  Or you could buy them here.

I love the sparkling white porcelain and chrome, the petite size, and the idea of 
having a water fountain (bubbler!) in my own home.

 We had these knobs on all the doors on the second floor of the old, Victorian farmhouse I grew up in.

This amazingly designed wood stove truly captures the idea of beauty within function 
(though I'm not sure how practical it would be unless created on a much larger size.)

Rustic plank dining tables just ooze character and charm, beauty and function.

Someday I hope to have a vintage dress form of my own - oh the places we could go 
(and dresses we could make!)

Want to see some other beautifully industrial collections?  Look here and over here.

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