April 13, 2012

behind the scenes: In Progress

The waiting was killing me!  First, I ran out of canvases (thought I had more, apparently not!), then my new canvases were back-ordered, and when they finally arrived I was on my way out to New Hampshire for a visit with my family.  But now I'm back and in need of some shop replenishment!  I'm working on several paintings right now, which is what I like to do since each is painted in several stages and I have to wait for the paint to dry before starting on the next layer. 

Though I also use acrylic paint in tubes, these little pots of color are easier to transport.  
This is a little sneak peek at letter Q!

Paintbrushes at the ready - aren't they lovely?

Preparing canvases - still unsure what a couple of these are going to become, but that's half the fun.

Purple water!

Working on finishing the back of the canvases - I like it, do you?

Make sure to check out the shop next week to see the finished projects!

Stay creative,

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