March 27, 2012

Fabric Inspiration for the Kiddos!

My love for fabric and pattern inspired me to paint "P is for Pattern"

I have a bit of a fabric problem...actually, the only problem is I don't have space to store the amount of fabric I'd like to have!  In order to counteract my fabric habit, I've been sewing up some new rompers for E, pants for C and a quilt for my own bed!  It's all part of my effort to live a more colorful and handmade life.  As we have grown out of many of the hand-me-downs E received as a baby and young toddler (for which we were so grateful) there is room now for handmade goods that fit her current loves and very active toddler play-life.

One of my favorites is the Children at Play collection by Sara Jane Studios.  You should also check out her adorable Etsy shop - really, this artist is wonderfully talented!  I already have several of the fabrics from her collection, but wouldn't mind getting more.

I have the yellow hat-making instructions fabric pictured above, but would love to add more - especially the pinwheels and the stripes.

From the Meadow line in the Children at Play collection.  I generally steer clear of pink for E as I feel that little girls are already drowning in pink, but I couldn't resist making a romper out of this floral fabric.  The balloons just make me smile.

These are from the Urban Zoologie by Ann Kelle.  The prints come in a couple different variations, but these in blue, green and yellow are my favorite - perfect for either of the kiddos!

This kite print by Melissa Wang can be found on Spoonflower, where anyone can design, upload, and create their own fabric.  Browsing through all the options is both overwhelming and incredibly inspiring!!

Then there is the classic Marimekko fabric - *sigh* I could go for any of their prints, really, but these two are in line with my current spring excitement!  I can see sweet tunics made with these lovelies.

But the only thing better than inspirational fabric?  Using it to create!  Stay tuned for a fun sewing DIY roundup for the little ones in your life!!  I can hardly wait.

Stay creative,

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  1. Ha! P for Pattern is really lovely. My little guy (now 4) would point and say "Plaid" already at age 2. I was so pleased!


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