March 24, 2012

Behind the scenes: In-between

I'm in between projects right now, waiting for more canvases to arrive, but that doesn't mean I'm not creating - I'm just not painting.  With the unseasonably warm weather, I've taken up making some rompers for E.  I'm still plugging away at a pretty quilt made up of natural linen and vintage sheet squares.  I'm also working on an embroidered iPhone case.  Yes, you read that right!  All and all, lots of sewing going on - I'm impressed my studio space isn't messier than it is (since it's really quite small!)

Dried paint prettiness

Waiting for a new home

E got into some of my paint - pretending it was lotion (she wasn't able to actually open the bottles)

Rompers, palettes, and striped curtains!

A small glimpse of my fabric stack

Looking left into the room

Notes with blogging and painting ideas

A rainbow of permanent markers and such

Fabrics for another romper and a lion toy that's supposed to stay in the car

Stay creative!


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