February 10, 2011

A peek at my space...

(welcome to my world...)

Our back room has served a few purposes since we've lived here - an office at first, then a "dump and run room," and most recently a studio space. In November I started carving out my little space - I was tired of dragging my sewing machine and art supplies all over the house, leaving little messes wherever I went. Plus, I needed a more permanent (and large-ish) space for measuring and cutting fabric. Now, after months of working in 1-2 hour increments during naps, it's finally come to fruition and I couldn't be happier! The space is small, but inspiring.  My favorite part is looking out the window while I work - a bit of greenery, a bit of urban landscape, and a lot of sky. Here's a peek at my special space...

(I was originally going to give up this desk for something smaller, I'm glad that I didn't!)

(Those pretty fabrics followed me home, I swear! The curtains are made with vintage striped linen, which lets the perfect amount of light in.)

(A dress and a birthday present for a friend are already planned for this fun fabric!!)

(Catch a glimpse of what's coming to my shop soon(ish) - those pretty little paintings in the back-left. The other curtain is a Liberty of London scarf that I got on sale for $2...score!!)

(The other side of my sewing machine cover - the bow was given to us by my Abuela for our wedding, though she made it some years prior - a very special touch that makes me smile every time!)

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