February 24, 2011

Have a Seat

Today I rested in our big brown chair - I should note, our living room is made up of our couch and our brown chair, which actually fits two people (people who should know each other and be comfortable cuddling!)  Our couch was one of the first things we got as a couple when we lived in our tiny one-bedroom apartment many moons ago.  Since it was our only seating for years and years, it's been well loved.  I feel like we have turned a corner in our lives, though, because now the couch seems to belong to the dog and the kiddo (the dog sleeps, the kiddo bounces).  Not to worry, we are not getting rid of it anytime soon - we are confident we can reclaim it at some point down the road - but this did give me the opportunity to do some "window shopping" (online, of course!)  Here are a few seats that I'm currently loving (notice none of them are couches - heh!)...

Here are some lovely Eames chairs - are they seating or are they art?  Someday I hope we have one too...

Psst...I also shared these photos on Pinterest, in case you're interested!!
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