February 2, 2011

Blizzard? Blanket!

Here in Chicago we had a bit of snow and, well, I won't be able to get my car out of the alley for awhile yet.  Thank goodness for public transportation!  Our poor dog nearly got lost in the snow drifts this morning and I'm a little achy after hours of shoveling.  The best part about snow days like today are snuggling in with a good book or movie and a warm blanket.  Speaking of, here are a few that look pretty darn nice to me...

 Happiness in blanket form, plain and simple.

A modern take on a baby blanket with upcycled felted wool - the burnt sienna and gray color combo may be a new favorite!

These kid-friendly blankets just make me happy - I'd take all three!!!

A classic patchwork, understated beauty, and certainly warm!

The bold pops of red on this vintage quilt remind me of warmer weather to come (soon, I hope!)

This soft gray blanket would be snuggly!

A sophisticated color combination in a warm vintage wool.

With all this snuggling, this is the perfect final addition, something to rest your head on!
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