June 11, 2012

Shop Spotlight: perpetU Mobile

As a child, I remember making dream catchers in Girl Scouts - wrapping the string into a spiderweb pattern and decorating it with beads and baubles.  I don't remember what happened to all those dream catchers - I may have one tucked away for a future dream.  Perhaps it's the nostalgia of youth, or the inherent romance in her pieces, but Hungarian artist Zsofi Toth of the lovely shop perpetU Mobile creates dream catchers of, well, my dreams!  I could see her work at home in a living room window or over a child's bed.  I think a cluster of them would be simply stunning. 

love the tiers - this is my favorite!

skyblue dreams - rust and teal with a touch of black

magic colours - a dreamy color palette

olive green nights - reminds me of spring

exotic green - the golden touches make all the difference

old orange days - a quiet autumn harvest

summer sunshine - with a burst in the middle!

nightly sky - like the day's final bursts into evening darkness

Be sure to check out more of these dreamy pieces here.

Stay creative,

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing my work on your beautiful blog! :)
    It is a honour to see my catchers here!
    Best regards,


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