June 5, 2012

Shop Spotlight: Euro Vintage

Euro Vintage is a shop with a straightforward name and equally simple, but beautiful items.  Their vintage pieces are East European and Russian and, well, I could probably buy half the shop!  Take a look at these fun finds...

candy apple red alarm clock (color love!!)

a radio to go (to the beach?)

space age 70s alarm clock (fun!)

enamelware has a special spot in my heart (tea love!)

a favorite combo - functional and beautiful (new sewing box?)

sure to brighten your office (time to work!)

those bells will make sure you AND your neighbors wake up on time (ring-a-ling!!)

our 50s globe (where's Waldo now?!)

Russian camera from the 60s (vintage shots for sure!)

time for your memoirs? (writing will be fun)

black bakelite phone (a simple phone)

Yes, I could certainly see many of these in my house - that sewing box in my studio, the shiny red alarm clock by the bed - yes please!  What could you see in your house?

Stay creative,

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