September 20, 2010

Renegade Rewind!!! (part 3)

There were so many great artists at Renegade that I couldn't fit them all into one OR two posts, so here's a third with a few more fabulous loves!!!

They have the most fabulous fabrics!  At the fair, they also sported fun reversible bags with really interesting pockets, think circles - (note to self: when you find something awesome, don't let go!)


Their tag-line is, "Dress smart. Learn British fast." Once you stop giggling, check out their adorable goods!!


These hoops made me smile...a lot!  A perfect addition to any mid-century modern home (or any home, for that matter)!!!


I have one of their necklaces (thanks to my super-duper husband!) and wear it all the time.  I love love the new work that I saw this year! 

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