September 10, 2010

Stay warm

It's finally happened, the weather has slipped beneath the 80s and I'm afraid it's not going to return until next year.  We are back to that wonderful and awful transition part of the year (just like spring) where we are too cold or too hot, the layers getting put on and peeled off seemingly non-stop.  It got me thinking of things that make me feel warm, some literally, some a bit more figuratively (as in warm and fuzzy? Oh so cliche!)  Perhaps you'll feel the warmth as well...

This chunky neck-warmer is beautiful and less bulky than a scarf (love love!)

OK, they are not my size, but these vintage leather stacked pumps are divine!!

I would like to stay awhile here...

These terrariums remind me of days gone by, quietly lovely.

The softness of the color pallet, the toughness of the metal, this is a wear-anywhere necklace!

If I'm cozy, my phone should be cozy too, right?!

I would like to take a trip, just to carry this fantabulous suitcase - love love love!!!

I love the colors and general feeling of this gorgeous print - certainly a winner (ha ha!)
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