October 10, 2010

Three Xs 10

A post in honor of 10.10.10.
Ten Things I Love...

 My favorite color (red), whimsical and practical...love!!!

 Such a pretty addition to a front door

Those boots really are for walking!

Extend the life (aka heat) of your tea while protecting your palms

 The leaping gazelle print is magical

 I see you!

This autumnal print is divine!

 Perfect for special displays.

Ten Things To Do...
 Stencil wall paper = easy to create, easy to change up

Have leather scraps, will make shoes that fit 

 Because perhaps fabric can help soften our highchair 
(or at least glam it up a bit!)

Making our sharp storage baskets a little less dangerous 
(and a little more fancy!)

Make my own yogurt?  Yes I can!!!

 Perhaps I shouldn't try to make my own doughnuts
(because then I'll want to do it again...and again...)

Soon E will want her own busy book - fun!

 Dyeing playsilks with kool-aid...sounds tasty!

 Perhaps I'll try my hand at making my own yarn wreath!!

 Make a dress by Friday. Love the concept. Love the dress!

Ten Goals I Have...

1. Tackle my to-dos
2. Have (more) patience with others
3. Switch from canned goods from the store to canning my own
4. Launch (one of) my dreams
5. Repaint the bedrooms
6. Run a half-marathon
7. Make a quilt
8. Move back to the east coast (this is a longer-term one!)
9. Listen to more NPR and less TV
10. Clean out my closet
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