January 6, 2011

Feeling crafty (or just cold?)

The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over and it's time to (theoretically) hunker down for the cold winter months...but what's a girl to do with all this extra energy?  As it turns out, there is lots that can be done!  I know some people who, in the winter, turn to knitting - it's a good "hunkering" activity, and if you are knitting a blanket you are soon able to stay extra cozy while you work.  Try as I might, I am no knitter, but here are a few other DIY projects that already have my creative wheels turning!

These cone people are just too much (in a good way) - I see puppet shows in our future...

As a child I love, love, loved playing with felt boards!!!

So far my felting has been a giant fail...but this tutorial seems very doable (we'll see!)

New mini-comforter and pillow made from an old comforter...brilliant (I have an extra just waiting for a new life!)

 This little lovely would be a welcome addition to any child's room (or shelf in need of some love!)
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