May 4, 2010

Grow Green with Me!

Spring has sprung and our world is once again filled with that beautiful yellow-spring-green of new leaves and growth.  Such a vibrant color - I want to bring it inside with me! Check out this greenery...

Oh my, these green milk glass mugs are just too much!  When we got married we registered for all white plates, but as time has gone by I am craving some color in our cupboards...these would be just the ticket!

I love love love these felted acorns - they are made with real acorn tops - and couldn't be cuter.

I wish these little birdies were headed to Ella's bedroom (though I don't have any free walls)!

The necklace is nice, the presentation? Awesome!!

Curly Girl Designs are magic (and generally spot-on.)

His name is Murdock and he is grumpy...probably because he only has one tooth.

This fellow is Rupert and he is's all in the eyes!

Tee-shirt yarn - what will they think of next?!

This apron makes me want to bake! I love the tiers.

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